Thursday, March 25, 2010

IPA Databank - what does it tell us?

The IPA have just added a (for now) free tool to their website to help marketers review the various case studies they have pulled together throughout the era of their IPA awards (see Whilst the usefulness of the tool is limited, it does provide us with some insight into the nature of the various campaigns evaluated and entered for awards.

For example, there are 921 case studies available. By looking at the meta data (the data that describes these cases), we can see what's going on. For example, I did a visualisation of primary business objectives for campaigns vs the number of campaigns reporting "very large" effects:

So overall I think this is a useful source of data although in truth, it's also a great way for the IPA to see you more case study downloads. A valuable resource no doubt.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UK MOT failure rate visualisation

Here's a quick visualisation I did on UK MOT failure rates for 2007 across various makes. It shows the power of Tableau - a solution that I'm a big fan of.