Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time to experiment a little

The beauty of digital marketing is in the data - not the popups.

To the right of this site, you will see some adverts "from our sponsors" - Amazon and Google. Without giving too much away, the data i've got from these services suggests the following:

  1. Nobody can see that i have an Amazon bookshop or nobody is interested. To test this, i'm going to make it more obvious for readers to find it. If nobody goes there again then time to get rid of it
  2. My other Amazon adverts for Ogilvy books are also not getting any hits - they are going
  3. The Google ads got some decent traffic early on but now that's dried up. I guess this was people "clicking for interest" but it would be better if it was more click through events occur ed - therefore i'm moving the Google ads up the page - again if nothing happens then time to review the presence of these ads

Let's see if there is any value in this online real estate....


Anonymous said...

I had no clue you had a bookshop on there, just the sponsored links... You could make it much more obvious with an image that stands out!

John said...

Yes - i thought that the same colour scheme would look nice. Looks like it's not effective. I best add some image later on this week - very busy at the moment.