Friday, August 17, 2007

Plug - try Zumyn

Everyone with a digital camera is probably sitting on a database of a thousands of different photos. The way that we take photos has changed beyond all recognition and some very clever people like Flickr have figured out that the way people "consume" images has changed.

My friend Ian is one of these clever people. He's decided that those thousands of photos we all have might just come in handy if we wanted to create a montage of images. You can't just put a few thousand images on a wall but you can if you put them all together in one shap shot.

Ian has launched a business called Zumyn - he has a cunning program that will take all those images from you and arrange them all so that they form one bigger image - a mosaic. The really clever bit (which used genetic algorithms) is to make sure that there are no repeated images.

The address is

I've done one of me with baby Lewis in Tokyo and despite my obvious flaws, it's looking great!

I believe that you can import photos from flickr and an importer for Facebook is coming soon. That way you will be able to import all the photos of your friends if you want or create a unique image from a special event.

Do please pass this on to anyone who might be interested and get involved!

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