Monday, December 03, 2007

London startupweekend creates

This weekend, I met up with a load of really interesting people from bloggers through to techies and marketing folk to launch a new business called This was a startupweekend event of which more later. is a new ethically focused consumer reviews website for the UK market. We’re trying to combine the trend for User Generated Content with the rise in consumer consciousness that has started to grow in recent times.

As the blurb says:
“At we don't pretend to be perfect – we occasionally leave lights on when we don't need to, buy fruit out of season, and nudge the thermostat up for a 'duvet day'. But we do try to be a little bit better wherever we can.“ was born out of 1 weekends work by a team who hadn’t met until about 7pm on Friday night. The whole idea was that a load of diverse people would get together an launch a new business in under 51 hours with no prior plans or collaboration. It’s a really cool idea and I urge anyone out there to go along and take part in future events (see for details of future events).

Did we succeed? The next few weeks will establish whether the business itself is viable and whether it will survive. However the principle has been proved – bring some smart people together then led the event take off an anything is possible.

All the best to those that took part and watch this space for future developments!

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