Monday, June 23, 2008

Great Ad but Did it Sell?

I always thought this was a very underrated advert. However given that it's never won any awards that I'm aware of nor is it well known, I can only presume I'm missing something.

Did it sell any product? No idea. What I do know is that Alan Sugar hasn't got a clue either. On room 101 this week, he suggested that both the Honda Cog and launch adverts for Orange were both worthless since they can't have sold any product. I can't comment about the Honda ad (although I have a stong belief that it did very well) but I can be certain that the launch ads for Orange were vastly more successful that the traditional positioning employed by One2One (now T-mobile in the UK). For more on this, check out Simply Better by Patrick Barwise.

I think Alan Sugar may have misunderstood the nature of building a brand or he's being deliberately obtuse about the whole thing. More on this another time...

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