Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Heros - Zoho

Both Google and Microsoft are determined to move our applications online so that we have seamless access to our powerpoint / word / excel documents (yes I used the branded terms rather than presentation, authoring / spreadsheeting products) but there is at least one key competitor who is doing things differently – Zoho.

I’ve used Zoho apps for various things – if you purchase our modelling package, you will find that you can report a fault online via our website. It’s Zoho that powers this reporting and e-mails us your issues. We are likely to replace this code with our own once we get time but Zoho enabled us to get up and running in a quick and efficient manner.

The other thing I like about Zoho is that the apps are constantly being updated. Within any given week, new features are released as and when they are ready and these guys don’t hang about. Compare that to Microsoft or Google who release big packs as and when they feel like it. Zoho feels like a nimbler and humbler organisation and i’d back them to succeed for a while vs. the behemoths. Of course at some point, I assume that someone with BIG pockets will purchase them and make some real money from this business.

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