Wednesday, July 04, 2007

RANT - what dese "Unlimited" mean to you

OK - it's time for a rant.

Mobile phone operators and broadband suppliers are advertising a range of "unlimited" services that are actually limited by "fair usage" policies. What they don't tell you is what "fair usage" actually constitutes. This is dishonest practice and does them no favours at all.

And no point running to the Advertising Standards Authority if you want to question this. Last month they rapt Orange on the knuckles over their unlimited data claim because they forgot to add small print saying that 40mb was a fair use cap (see

Note that the ASA "...exist to make sure all advertising, wherever it appears, meets the high standards laid down in the advertising codes".

As a brand, Orange continue to disappoint and is there any marketing that can be as ineffective in the long run as dishonest marketing?

Dissatisfaction grows with broadband suppliers - esp Orange. Note that Orange was one of the greatest brands ever created. It's a sad state of affairs....

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